Bullying Prevention & Diversity Graduate Certificate Program


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Are you looking for classes that help you create a more inclusive school environment and significantly reduce bullying and aggressive behavior?

We believe that bullying prevention and diversity training in schools increases student engagement, creates safer spaces for all students, and even saves lives. Many teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, school nurses, and others are looking to learn more about this engaging and necessary topic.

We know that teachers face demanding schedules and want to take practical graduate courses on bullying prevention and diversity. This program provides online, accredited courses. Complete our five courses and obtain a certificate from Delaware Valley College in BULLYING PREVENTION & DIVERSITY.

In order to obtain the BULLYING PREVENTION &DIVERSITY certificate, graduate students are required to earn a minimum grade of a B in each of the following accredited courses:

  • Bullying Prevention in Schools (3 graduate credits)
  • Bullying and Social Networking (3 graduate credits)
  • Bystanders and Bullying Prevention (3 graduate credits)
  • Diversity in Schools (3 graduate credits)
  • The LGBT Inclusive School (3 graduate credits)

Courses are online and asynchronous, which means that class is always in session. Once registered, you can download the course whenever you want, wherever you are. This program provides online, accredited courses with leading instructors. Complete each course according to your own schedule, wherever you are. Stream sections of the course whenever you’d like and have your professor ready to respond to any questions and concerns.

Tuition is $720 per three-credit graduate course.

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